No. 1 Baby turns 11


Many believe the old tale that when you turn the age that matches the year you were born, which some also call “the golden birthday,” then you will receive good luck and feel a strong inner power. For one local girl, this year is the birthday of all birthdays, and her family is ready to celebrate.

Peyton Renee Evans, was born November 11, 2011 at 11:11a.m. at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC). Peyton’s mom, Stephanie Evans, said that she wasn’t aware that the doctors had been planning this, but apparently it wasn’t a coincidence.

“She wasn’t supposed to be here until 12 that day,” said Evans. “My doctor was finishing up the patient scheduled before me and then he had the hospital call me. They asked me to come in early because he decided he wanted to have her here at that time.”

Peyton said that she was excited to be turning 11 and that she is hoping for a very special and memorable birthday.

“We’re going to do 11 presents and 11 candles to represent me turning that age and the year that I was born.”

The golden birthday also had to be themed of course, so what theme did the guest of honor choose?

“She wanted everything to be Stich, from the Disney movie,” said Evans. “She loves Stich and I told her that she could pick what she wanted, so that’s what we’re going to do.” Peyton was thrilled to pick out the cake and decorations for the big event.

When she talked about her favorite memory from her 11 years of life, she talked about a friend. “It was probably when I got my first cat, Shadow.”

Evans said that the only thing she wants is to make this her daughter’s biggest birthday yet. “I just want to make this a very fun and important day for her.”

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