Ticket to Paradise


Well…. Spooky Season is over. We all watched a ton of horror movies this October and I personally watched even more. I try every year to do a horror movie a night in October. Things were a little hairy some days, but I was able to. Now to something that’s a complete 180 from what we’ve been watching lately…. a ROMANTIC COMEDY. I know I know. You’re as shocked as me. I honestly can’t remember off the top of my head the last time we reviewed a romantic comedy??? Maybe Marry Me starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez. Solid flick. This time we have two A-listers that if you watch movies in any capacity, you know who they are. George Clooney and Julia Roberts. My boss jokes that I’m a young George Clooney when we are out and about, but I do not see it at all. And I’m single…so definitely not. This film seemed cute and fun and to be honest they may have been because of Julia Roberts infectious smile and after. The premise is simple. Clooney and Roberts are divorced. They hate each other. They team up to stop their daughter from marrying a “hippie” seaweed farmer. Would this be your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy? We will see.

Onto the film.

We open with David Cotton (Clooney) and Georgia Cotton (Roberts) talking with friends and coworkers about their relationship. How they met. How he woo’d her. How they HATE each other! Immediately both stars are charming to watch. The marriage was short-lived, but they had a daughter named Lily (Dever) We then meet Lily (Dever) she graduated law school and wants to celebrate. We then cut to her graduation, and we see our former couple of David (Clooney) and Georgia (Roberts) having the sit together. Clooney and Roberts portray their disdain for each other perfectly and it is actually believable! Off to Bali Lily goes with her friend and who can see where this is going. She meets a name named Gede (Bouttier) and they fall in love. It’s a tad cheesy but fun.

We then learn that Gede (Bouttier) and Lily (Dever) want to get married. It’s rushed but they are in love. When both parents are notified, they naturally panic and there is a lot of anger. No way can their child marry someone she just met!!! A truce is made. David (Clooney) and Georgia (Roberts) will go to Bali and they will work together to prevent this wedding! To throw another wrench into the mix Georgia’s boyfriend Paul (Bravo) literally is their pilot to take them to Bali. Of course, he wants to return and join in on the fun.

I won’t give anymore of the plot away, but I will give few a positive which make this a little more than your cookie-cutter romantic comedy. The cast is wonderful. No-one can say that both George Clooney and Julia Roberts are and won’t always be MOVIE STARS. Their charisma and charm radiate in every scene they are in. When they are together. Dynamite. The location is beautiful. I don’t know if they actually filmed in Bali, but it sure looks like it. It looks beautiful and so refreshing. I need to look at flights as soon as I finish this article. However, we don’t have a 5-star film. The plot is ok. It’s generic and our cast lifts it up, but we’ve seen renditions of this before. This isn’t a bad thing, but a few twists would have been nice. Also, the humor. It’s good but not great. It feels a little forced at times, but I was smiling for most of the film. After our bombardment of horror movies and doom and gloom this was a nice change of pace. The landscapes need to be seen at the movies, and especially with these stars. You can do much much worse for a romantic comedy. Good but not great. That being said. Travel more. Go for you the one you like. Live your life. 3 ½ stars out of 5

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