PLT casts Velveteen


The Portsmouth Little Theatre has cast its winter production of Velveteen.

Written by Joseph Pratt and Directed by Kerri Davis, this production will retell the original classic of the Velveteen Rabbit in a sequel that revisits the original boy now an elderly man in assisted living. The theme of the original is delved into, through the lens of today. A family is highlighted that has rifts, but, through adventures with the Velveteen Rabbit, old wounds are healed and lessons are learned.

“The original story was a special part of my childhood. My mom shared it with me as a young child when I was recovering from surgery, which connected me immediately to the child character in the story. As an adult, I see even more the beauty of the themes of love, acceptance, and sacrifice that lead to unadulterated pure essence of living,” Director Kerri Davis said. “The way that Joseph has continued the purity of the story is heartwarming to me in dual facets. This new production continues the theme of the original story, as well as displaying his true friendship and dedication to me on a personal level. I am so grateful for the talent that has agreed to make this dream a ‘REALity,’ and can’t wait to make magic with them!”

The cast consists of Scottie Powell, Tate Campbell, Jim Maggard, Chelsea Watkins, Brianna Shaddox, Damon Parker, Elianna Fernando, Erin Syroney, and Madalynn Riffe. Joseph Pratt will substitute Powell during the Sunday performance.

“It is so neat seeing the cast we pulled together for this one. They range in talent and experience, but are absolutely amazing. I think Kerri did a fantastic job casting it and I look forward to seeing a story that has quickly become an important part of me brought to life on stage,” Pratt said. “I always loved the story, but, retelling it sparked a love for the message I will always carry with me. I sincerely believe this show is going to be one of the most beautiful productions I’ve ever seen hit the PLT stage.”

The cast is currently rehearsing for the show. The curtain will open December 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. There is potential for an 18th encore, due to tickets selling fast. You can get tickets online at

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