Keeping your eyes on Him


Have you ever experienced times of spiritual drought in your life? Most of us have at some time, and it’s not unusual to feel like you’re stuck and getting nowhere fast. Well, I need to tell you that you are not alone. The children of Israel felt the same way when Moses was leading them toward the Promised Land. As Moses led them, they truly were going around in circles. They were getting nowhere fast! Now understand that this wasn’t some kind of exercise in futility. God was leading his people according to his specific purpose! Brothers and sisters, there are certain lessons that can only be learned in the desert. And there are no shortcuts to spiritual growth and maturity.

We need to remember that the Israelites journey through the wilderness is an example of our journey with God. In his wisdom, God may take us on an extended journey through the wilderness to test us, mature us, prepare us, and strengthen us for those things that we’ll face down the road. So, when trials come, we will be battle- ready to deal with them. So, brothers and sisters if you are finding yourself “in the wilderness” today look up and keep your eyes on Him. God is working on your behalf to prepare you for all that he has promised.

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