Clay High School offering new programs for students


Clay High School is rolling out two new programs to support their students. On September 21, 2022 Deb Mullins and Wylie Shipley presented the program called Growing Rural Independence Together, better known as (GRIT) to the high school student body. In this assembly, students gathered to learn what the (GRIT) program has to offer. This kickoff event registered students for the assessment. Throughout this school year, all students in grades 9-12 will take the career assessment. They will then be paired with a career coach in a pathway that aligns with their strengths. Gifted coordinator, Courtney Mays, states she is excited to bring this opportunity to Clay students. “Many students truly do not know what they want to be when they grow up, and hopefully GRIT will help them figure out a pathway for their future.”

On October, 4, 2022 Kristi Whitaker presented the program known as Kids Rising Up Though Support and Healing, or (K.R.U.S.H) to a group of teachers. This program helps students who have been personally affected by incarceration and helps them cope, as well as support one another through groups meetings, lessons, outings, etc. Special education coordinator, Jill Tipton states “I am excited to bring these programs to Clay Local School District. We want to ensure that all of our students feel supported and ready for the future.”

Alongside these new programs, Clay High School also has many colleges visit throughout the year to speak with seniors. Military branches also visit with interested students so that there is a variety of options for those upcoming graduates. As well, they held a career fair and Desco reality fair in the spring. High school principal, Mr. Russ Breech, wants our community to know just how hard he and his staff are working for the kids in the Clay community and he is excited for the new opportunities they are being provided this year.

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