Veterans’ Outreach gets support in New Boston

NEW BOSTON — A representative of Veterans’ Outreach was stationed in front of KMart department store in New Boston on Thursday in effort to raise money for what many consider a worthy cause — United States veterans.

John Hurt, of Veterans’ Outreach, said he knows from personal experience just how much how valuable Veterans Outreach is to all veterans.

“I am a veteran myself, and my home actually burned down last year, and Veterans Outreach helped me then, and I have seen them help a lot of veterans since then,” Hurt said. “We try to help all veterans, it does not matter what their situation is, as long as they have a financial need we are here to help.”

In order to secure support from Veterans’ Outreach, he said individuals must provide a copy of a DD2-14, which is proof of veteran status, according to Hurt.

“There are so many veterans out there that need help, and have such a hard time trying to get it, you just would not believe,” he said. “It seems like the Government makes you go through so much paperwork, and redtape.”

He said he enjoys working with the organization and traveling to different places to help raise money.

“They send somewhere every weekend, and I will be back here Sunday, and South Point in the next few days. This is something that I really enjoy doing,” he said. “Besides being a veteran myself, I think of any other cause to help out with, for men and women that give their lives and service for this great country.”

Veterans’ Outreach provides financial assistance for a variety of needs determined through assessment interviews. We maintain an “Outreach Program” for individuals who can not meet mainstream society work demands due to mental, emotional, or physical problems, according to the Outreach website. This program serves a tri-fold purpose. It enables a veteran to earn much needed wages while going through personal issues that prohibit a mainstream position. This program brings awareness to the public of our charitable mission and services, and it is a source of fundraising.

Additionally, the organization works with other organizations and agencies that provide aid to veterans in need in order to reach the most beneficial arrangement for each veteran. VA offices, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Rescue Missions, and other local agencies are among those which Veterans Outreach receives and makes referrals.

For more information regarding Veterans’ Outreach, call 1-888-2-Vet-Net, or visit the website:

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John Hurt, of Veterans’ Outreach has been collecting funds for the organization in front of KMart in New Boston. Hurt, of Veterans’ Outreach has been collecting funds for the organization in front of KMart in New Boston.

By Portia Williams

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