Kevin W. Johnson featured on PBS documentary

“Friends for life,” is not a term you hear every day or should ever take lightly. Portsmouth City Councilman Kevin W. Johnson and Bill Coors of the Golden, Colorado Coors Brewing Company, are definitely friends for life and that relationship was at the center of an interview for an upcoming PBS documentary.

The film company Fourth Wall Productions arrived in Portsmouth on Memorial Day to interview Johnson for a PBS documentary entitled “Bill Coors: The Will to Live.”

The film company interviewed Johnson at the Holiday Inn, poolside and at Alexandria Park on Tuesday.

Coors and Johnson have been loyal friends and supporters of each other since 1977; and the film crew traveled to Portsmouth in order to capture Johnson’s memories of the personal and political relationship they have had for nearly four decades.

The documentary is scheduled to be premiered on August 11, 2016, on the occasion of Coors’ 100th birthday. It will then be released in November on Colorado PBS stations and, in 2017, other PBS stations around the country.

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Kevin W. Johnson with Armand Peacuch of Fourth Wall Productions W. Johnson with Armand Peacuch of Fourth Wall Productions

By Frank Lewis

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