Crocheted roses hand-crafted with love

WHEELERSBURG — Effie Schneemilch-Cunha gives people their flowers while they live — literally. Affectionately known ‘The Rose Lady,’ Schneemilch-Cunha has been crocheting roses for 72 years, and she is not tired yet.

“I have been crocheting ever since I was eight years old, it has been 72 years since I learned to crotchet. A lady by the name of Georgie Nelson is who I learned it from. Schneemilch-Cunha said. “She taught me in two days how to make a doily. I asked her what I owed her for teaching me, and she said all I want you to do is teach other people how to crochet.”

She was faithful to comply with Nelson’s request, and went on to teach crocheting to numerous groups at churches all around Columbus, Ohio.

One major crocheted-rose project included making 26,000 crochet rose pins for a group of doctors and nurse at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The project took four years to complete, according to Schneemilch. Awards and recognition for her crochet work also consists of winning first place at the Ohio State Fair for three consecutive years, 1969, 1970, and 1971. To date, she has crocheted 93 bedspreads, pocket books, and hats. She also said her crochet work has reached 35 countries outside of the United States.

The following poem entitled, ‘One Little Rose’ was written by Schneemilch-Cunha in 1953.

Here is one little rose that will last a lifetime.

Here is a rose that is handmade crochet,

Which I give people to see them smile

Each time I hand them One Little Rose.

I would rather have one little rose

To give to a friend,

Than to have the choicest flowers

When my stay on earth must end.

I like to have a rose to make them smile

When I hand them a rose.

I would rather have one pleasant word in kindness

Said to me than Gattery.

When my heart is still

And life has ceased to be,

I would like to have one rose

To make me smile.

I would rather have a loving smile

From friends I know are true,

Than tears shed around my casket

When the world I bid adieu.

Bring me your roses today,

Whether pink, or white, or yellow, or red

I’d rather have one blossom now,

Than a basketful when I am dead. Amen.

The poem has been distributed both nationally, and world wide, according to Schneemilch-Cunha. Since the time she began crocheting June 29, 1944, she continues to bring smiles to many faces with her beautiful crotcheted roses.

To place an order for crocheted roses or weddings and or other events, contact ‘The Rose Lady,’ call 740-574-1621.

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Effie Schneemilch-Cunha of Wheelersburg, known as the ‘The Rose Lady,’ has been crocheting roses for 72 years. Schneemilch-Cunha of Wheelersburg, known as the ‘The Rose Lady,’ has been crocheting roses for 72 years.
‘The Rose Lady’ has been crocheting roses for 72 years

By Portia Williams

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