Osteopathic medicine honored

There are two Physicians designations most seen in the medical industry. One is MD, which stands for Medical Doctor. The Other is OD, which stands for Osteopathic Doctor.

State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), is himself, an Osteopathic physician and on Wednesday he announced that the Ohio Senate had passed legislation designating April as “Osteopathic Medicine Recognition Month.”

House Bill 352 was sponsored by Rep. Johnson in an effort to garner greater recognition for doctors of osteopathy, a profession Johnson says has made invaluable contributions to the health and well being of Ohio citizens. Osteopathic medicine encompasses the full spectrum of accepted medical care, with osteopathic physicians, or “DO’s”, fully licensed and practicing in every specialty of medicine.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, the osteopathic field of medicine is one of the fastest growing segments of health care professionals in the United States. DO’s practice from a philosophic base that views patients as “Whole People”, with a focus on the human body’s innate ability to heal itself with educated and practiced facilitation by the physician.

“As a doctor of osteopathic medicine myself”, Johnson said. “I have a good sense of the dedication and professionalism that my Osteopathic colleagues bring to their patients each and every day across our great state. They make a wonderful difference in people’s lives, one patient at a time”.

House Bill 352 will now go to the Governor to be signed.

Osteopathic medicine is a branch of the medical profession in the United States. Osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) are fully licensed physicians (medical doctors) to practice medicine and surgery in all 50 states and are recognized in sixty five other countries, including all Canadian provinces.

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By Frank Lewis

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