Talking heads and dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are extinct. I don’t know exactly how they got that way. There are people who believe they do – but they don’t. I believe they outlived their knowledge and usefulness and became irrelevant to the new world order. Maybe those old talking heads on the TV news channels should take a lesson from tyrannosaurus rex.

Will someone tell the so-called “political experts” none of the rules that existed in the past in any way have anything to do with the current political campaign? Will someone tell Karl Rove to take his dry-erase board and go home?

I keep hearing these guys saying – “everyone knows the rules.” Actually, everyone doesn’t know the rules. I’m with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I believe the system is rigged, no matter how long the rules have been in place. There is no mathematical way you should win a primary and not get the delegates. That doesn’t even add up in Common Core math.

Yet every night, some tired old ex-campaign manager appears on TV to tell us everyone knows you can win the vote and lose the delegates. What these people don’t know is it is exactly that system that brought about the current political undercurrent to begin with.

The biggest disappointment in this campaign has been John Kasich. When you are rejected on every hand, it is time to take your ball and go home. Cruz’s actions against Dr. Ben Carson, spreading a rumor he was dropping out, was as underhanded as it gets.

Yes, every night, we drag some old campaign head onto a TV set and he explains what red states are and what blue states are. Let me be the first to inform you those TV political talking heads had better invest in some erasers for election night because all bets are off. There will be no previously-determined red states and blue states. This may be the first time ever when people actually vote according to how they feel about the political atmosphere of this country.

Still, the talking heads are describing everything in block vote terms – woman vote, southern vote, black vote, Hispanic vote, etc. etc. etc. (as Yul Brynner once said). I believe all of that is going to change. I believe parties that have taken certain people for granted will find out this campaign is not measurable by any previous statistics. People are tired of being taken for granted. This time many will cross whatever line exists on the political landscape, and vote for that person who offers answers.

You may have also be witnessing the last two-party election. Americans are tired of taxation without representation and all the news heads in New York are not going to be able to control them this year.

It doesn’t matter which candidate you support – maybe none of them – which would come as no surprise to me. This has been and continues to be the most interesting campaign in American history and quite frankly it is fun to watch. The rules of the past no longer apply. This campaign is just getting started. Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

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