Top 10 Most Wanted


The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office has released their Top 10 Most Wanted list

Millie B. Arnett-Failure to comply, Aggravated Possession of Drugs and Possession of Drugs. Last known address 279 Center Street, Lucasville, Ohio.

Richard Colley-Failure to Appear. Last known address; 578 West Street, Minford, Ohio. CAPTURED 3/30/2016

Anglea Graham-Bench Warrent Failure to Appear For Drug Testing. Last known address, 115 Castle Street, Portsmouth, Ohio

Gina Havel-Breaking and Entering, Illegal Assembly of Chemicals to Manufacture Drugs. Last known address 1351 Furnace Creek Road, Minford, Ohio.

Toby Lamb-Agg Robbery, Failre to comply, Receiving Stolen Property, 3 counts Trafficking in Heroin and Conspiracy to Trafficking. Last known address: 130 Irouquios drive-West Carrollton Ohio.

Jason McGlone-1 Count of Illegal Manufacturing of Drugs (Within the Vicinity of a Juvenile). Last known address 192 Jacobs Cemetery Road, Minford, Ohio.

Nathan W. Mullins– Grand Theft. Last known address 5394 Apple Blossom, Lane, Ashland Kentucky.

Billie Stapleton-Illegal Assembly of Chemicals, Illegal Manufacturing of Drugs and Failure to Appear. Last known address, 49 Maple Street, Lucasville, Ohio.

Hank Steele– one count of obstruction of official business. Last known address 113 Napelaone Street., Franklin Furnace.

Sara Watts – 4 Counts Illegal manufacture of drugs, 4 counts of Endangering Children, 1 count of Intimidation and 1ct- Agg. Possession of drugs. Last known address: 87 Elbert Ave., Franklin Furnace.

All of these warrants have been issued by the Scioto County Common Pleas Court. If anyone knows of the location on any of these subjects, they should contact their local law enforcement agency.

Source: Scioto County Sheriff’s Office

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