EMA director to retire


On Tuesday the Scioto County Commissioners accepted a communication from Scioto County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Kim Carver announcing her intention to retire June 30.

After accepting her retirement communication, the commissioners passed public notice announcing their intentions of hiring Carver as Scioto County EMA Director starting July 1.

Carver said her decision to retire came because of changes in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS).

“I have been involved with this office since 1987 and have seen a lot of changes over the years. I am making the decision now to consider this option because of changes over the past few years in PERS. It is what is best for me retirement planning wise,” Carver said.

After accepting Carver’s communication about retirement, the commissioners said there are a number of elected and non-elected officials within county government who have went down this same path.

Carver said it’s her intentions to stay on as Scioto County EMA Director for a few more years, while transitioning someone into the position.

“I plan to stay on for a couple of years to allow for the office to transition and provide additional time to bring someone on board to begin a steep learning curve as to the many facets of the office and duties of the office required to keep Scioto County in compliance with the Ohio and Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Ohio and Federal EMA agencies,” Carver said. “This office provides such as alert and warning and notifications for the public for a variety of emergency situations; inter agency coordination between local, state and federal agencies, response and recovery operations through the Emergency

Operations Center for resource management in times of crisis, and preparedness planning to ensure the community is safe and response agencies are able

to respond to whatever type of crisis may occur.”

According to its website, Scioto County EMA works with the 21 jurisdictions as well as (16) township volunteer fire departments; (2) paid fire departments; (12) volunteer EMS departments; paid EMS departments; and (4) law enforcement agencies. Additionally, EMA coordinates on a day-to-day basis with county health departments and the hospital for a host of programs, including but not exclusive to terrorism planning and citizen corps, which includes medical reserve corps.

Carver said there are many important functions of EMA.

For more information about the Scioto County Emergency Management Agency visit, www.sciotocountyohio.com/emergencymanagement.html

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Scioto County EMA Director Kim Carver looks over a map at the Emergency Control Center.
http://portsmouth-dailytimes.aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2016/04/web1_EMA1.jpgScioto County EMA Director Kim Carver looks over a map at the Emergency Control Center.

By Wayne Allen

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