What will you do with his resurrection?


On a continuing thought about Easter I would now like to focus on its meaning, which is a wonderful, glorious celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, according to the Bible. Yes, I would agree that the whole concept of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ is difficult to fathom. Henceforth, that is why it requires the spiritual insight and understanding that comes only through the Holy Spirit.

Yes. Easter has come and gone, that supersedes church attendance, and that is the knowledge that after Jesus was crucified, hung on the cross, enduring hours of torment just for you and me, his body lay in the earth the Bible says for three days. Oh, but on that third day! On the third day Jesus Christ rose from the grave, conquering death! My friend you know what, my heart burns within me when I think about, and attempt to envision my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rising from that tomb. Christ’s resurrection meant everything in the world for you and for me. When he arose, at the very moment, we could be forgiven for our sins, and have a golden opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven. Think about it, for a moment. Ponder the things that you have done in your life that were bucolically and morally wrong, your sins, and my sins. Now, if you are willing to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of your sins and believe the gospel, you can be saved. Salvation is not difficult; surrendering is where we as human beings struggle.

Once we have come into a relationship with Jesus, acknowledge him as Lord, put him on the throne of our hearts where he should be, then our lives are forever changed. Those sins that I asked you to ponder earlier; they are forgiven if we receive Jesus as Lord. What Christ accomplished on the cross, shedding his blood for you and me and all of mankind was a holy act that could never, ever be duplicated. That my friend is what Easter is all about, it is a resonating concept that infiltrate’s a person’s life each and every day once they believe. So, the question that I leave with you today is, what are you going to do with Christ’s resurrection.

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