Easter is over, now what?


Easter Sunday in many churches is such a spectacular sight to behold.

On this religious holiday many churches experience an influx of visitors, and even members who, let’s just say, have not attended services for a while. Finding a parking place on Easter can be somewhat of a challenge, whether it is a mega-church or small congregation.

The pews are filled, and if perhaps you are a regularly attendee, and have a “favorite seat,” you can count on that seat more than likely being taken. On Easter Sunday there are many lovely, smiling faces of little girls arrayed in beautiful pastel-colored spring dresses, little boys adorned in suits and ties all handsome.

This is also the day of the Easter basket loaded with bright-colored eggs, jelly beans, and who can forget the chocolate covered eggs. Many women, men and teens come to service as well, some dressed up, some in casual clothing, which in actuality does not matter.

Now, I will be the first to say that it warms my heart to see people walk into the church doors on any given Sunday. For church is where one has the opportunity to hear a preached message, about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how he shed his precious blood on the cross so that those who believe will be saved, and to connect and serve with other believers. Easter has come and gone. The question that I want to ask you my friend, is now that Easter is over, then what?

If perhaps you are reading this column, and you were among those who attended church because it was Easter, I want to encourage you to go back. Yes go back! Did you know that Jesus Christ wants you to not only have a sincere, genuine, personal relationship with him, but that he also wants to be Lord of your life not just on Easter, but every day that he grants you air to breathe?

This coming Sunday, April 3, 2016, church doors will open, but sadly enough the response will not be the same. However, I want to help in this regard, to inspire as many people as possible to commit your heart and life to Jesus, and to let your life transcend rising to the occasion to attend church on Easter, or Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

True worship is not reactionary, but reverent. Therefore, if you worship God reverently you show respect by coming out to service on a regular basis, and offering your gifts, talents and abilities for the kingdom of God. You understand that attending church is an integral part of your faith.

I cannot think of a better investment than for the purposes of God’s kingdom, and you know why? Because God’s kingdom is eternal, and everything else will come to an end. Be encouraged, and I will see you in service my friend!

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