‘Alpha’ drug bust nets three arrests


GREENUP, Ky. — The Greenup County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) and Boyd County Sheriff’s Office joined forces to dismantle a new,’ Alpha’ drug operation taking place in a Budget Motel in Greenup, Ky. Monday night. Three suspects were arrested as a result of the drug bust.

Investigators raided the Budget Motel, Monday and discovered and seized a plethora of illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, bath salts, and ingredients to make crystal methamphetamine. Additionally, drug paraphernalia and more than $1000 in cash were also seized.

Jerome McCleskey, 19, Dayton, Ohio, Jake Moses, 30, of Ashland, Ky., and Chamel Walker, 25, of Ashland, Ky. were all arrested and are facing multiple felony drug offenses.

Greenup County Sheriff Deputy Matt Smith who is in charge of the investigation, said the suspects had established a thriving Alpha drug operation at the Budget Motel location.

“We received some information on this case they had the drug alpha, and several other drugs it was a pretty good set up, and were trafficking several other drugs, and they had been for quite a while and everything just came together and we were able to make a bust on them,” Smith said.

Originally there were four suspects arrested in the case, Ashley Dawn Ivy, of Greenup, Ky. was transported to a local hospital, where she fled from after being treated, according to Smith.

“There was actually another female, Ashley Ivy, that was involved, but she had to go to the hospital,” he said. “Due to HIPPA regulations they would not let us know when she would be ready to exit the hospital, so therefore she fled as soon as she was released. She has felony warrants out of Ohio as well.”

Smith said they posted a picture of Ivy on the GCSO Facebook page and is hopeful that the public will assist in identifying Ivy, and will lead to her arrest.

The drug is increasingly becoming known for its powerful, deadly effects.

“This Alpha drug has been around for a little bit, and is a fairly new drug. It’s definitely starting to make its arrival here in this rural Appalachian area, and it’s sad to see a drug like that popping up in our neighborhood,” he said. “It is a very dangerous drug, naturally like any other drug. We actually don’t know the full affects because, it’s got bath salts, cocaine, heroin, and you don’t know what kind of dosage you’re getting from either drug, which is what makes it so dangerous. It is not like taking Oxycontin or something like that, where you know what kind of dosage you’re going to get off of the pill. It depends upon how much of the heroin has been coated with cocaine. Alpha is a very powerful drug. It kills people.”

GCSO is making every effort to search out the Alpha drug, as well as all drugs, and are in need of the public’s help to do so.

“As always, we’re encouraging all citizens if they have any information to please contact the Greenup County Sheriff’s Office, and their name will be withheld and anonymous,” he said. “We would greatly appreciate any tips or information that can help to stop the drug epidemic that we have here.”

McCleskey, Moses, and Walker have been detained in the Greenup County Detention Center, while Ivy is still at large. Smith said he anticipates more arrests will be made in the case.

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By Portia Williams

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