New location for South Webster-Bloom Township Fire Department


With the last bit of equipment moved this weekend, the South Webster-Bloom Township Fire Department is officially operating out of their new location.

The station moved from their building at 81 Market Street, to brand-new facilities on 443 North Jackson Street.

Built in the early 1940’s the Market Street station had endured many renovations throughout it’s history.

In the beginning, the station housed their trucks in a small bay underneath the City Hall building. In 1962, the station expanded it’s operation and became it’s own entity.

But with only three bays, they quickly outgrew the space and in 1980, the station underwent another expansion, adding more bays for more equipment. The last renovations were completed in 1988.

The South Webster-Bloom Township fire department is unique, in that, it is not governed by a township and they are not a private operation.

Instead, two representatives are appointed by the village of South Webster, and two are appointed from Bloom-Vernon. Together, these four members govern the fire department.

With the size of modern fire trucks and equipment, the Market Street location was a tight squeeze.

The members decided in order to assist their community properly, they needed a bigger and better space.

Using funds from previous tax levies, work on the new station began in August and on Thursday March 24, the station opened up operations in their new facilities.

The new station houses the Emergency Medical Services as well as the Fire Department. Totaling 9 vehicles, a boat and ATV’s.

“We have no paid employees, we’re a volunteer based station. I just want to sincerly thank our members and their families for all their hard work and dedication,” said fire chief of four years, Scott Stewart.”We appreciate them sacrificing their time to come out and help others.”

On Friday March 25, Squad 7 pulled off the lot for the first official run since the move.

EMS member Merit Smith, who was on that run said, “It’s great to be able to serve the people in our community. We have a great group of volunteers who are always willing to help.”

With over 600 runs per year, the station is confident that their new facilities will effectively aide in emergency repsonse situations.

Soon the station will be hosting an Open House event for the public, allowing community members to come and tour the new facility. The date is to be announced.

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Squad 7 leaving for the first run out of the new station on March 25. 7 leaving for the first run out of the new station on March 25.

Members of the South Webster-Bloom township Fire Department and EMS. of the South Webster-Bloom township Fire Department and EMS.

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