Sheriff’s office completes replacement project


Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini announces that the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office has just completed a long overdue major radio communication replacement project. This project included the replacement of “every” mobile radio located in all fifty- one vehicles (including our boat) operated by Deputy Sheriff’s and also included the replacement of “every” portable hand held radio issued to all sworn officers.

Sheriff Donini states “We, here at the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office have indeed achieved many significant accomplishments over the years however, I believe we have just completed the process of probably the most significant accomplishment I have ever experienced during my thirty eight years here at the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office”. Sheriff Donini states “we have finally been able to do something of significance to improve the safety of every Deputy Sheriff who serves the residents of Scioto County”.

The Portsmouth Police Department serves a population of 20,430 covering 11.07 square miles and the New Boston Police Department serves a population of 2,227 encompassing 1.14 square miles. The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office serves a population of 78,153 encompassing 616 square miles. “There is an extremely large difference between the operations of our local law enforcement agencies when serving our communities and when a Deputy Sheriff from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office needs help, it’s vitally important that he/she be heard”.

Sheriff Donini states “the installation of the these new digital radios are part of the “Multi Agency Radio Communication System” also commonly referred to as MARCS and will greatly improve officer safety”, “I’ve already heard many comments from the Deputy’s as to how “crystal clear” they and the dispatcher along with other mobile units and can talk and communicate so much better”. “One Deputy advised me that he arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio to pickup an inmate which is approximately 116 miles away and was able to communicate with the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher as if they were standing next to each other talking”.

Some of the other additional benefits of being a participant in the MARCS platform is that we can communicate with any other agency that participates in the MARCS platform such as: Portsmouth Police Department, Department of Natural Resources, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Shawnee State University, Scioto County EMA, any local Fire Department using MARCS, Lawrence, Pike, Jackson and Adams County Sheriff’s Offices “all from one radio”!

The total cost for the MARCS project was $223,088.97 along with a monthly service fee of ten dollars per radio. The majority of the initial cost for the MARCS project was financed through non-general funds including the Federally Forfeiture Assets account which is derived from seizing assets from individuals charged and/or convicted of crimes from which the majority was associated with criminal activity involving trafficking in drugs.

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An image of the new radios image of the new radios

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