Double homicide investigation continues


Detective work is grueling and sometimes endlessly so, with interviews, in depth reports, and going over a crime scene over and over to see if you missed something. If you have ever wanted to get a glimpse into the workings of law enforcement as they set about to solve a horrendous crime, you can look into the investigation that is ongoing surrounding a double homicide that occurred in Scioto County in January.

Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said detectives from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office are continuing their investigation concerning the double homicide involving the shooting deaths of a mother, Candace Newsome, 48 and her daughter, 16 year old Kristina M. Newsome, whose bodies were found in their home located on 4098 Blue Run Road, Lucasville.

At approximately 8:33 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office 911 Center received a 911 call from a nearby neighbor, a family member, who reported that she had just discovered the two deceased victims inside the residence.

The actual double homicide investigation commenced that morning when the sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant for the residence where the bodies were actually discovered. At the time, Donini explained that was done in part to avoid any legal issues at a later date in the event the suspect and/or suspects might attempt to allege he or she lived at the residence and that any evidence obtained was obtained without his or her consent.

“Some might infer that this was being overly cautious on our side, however we felt compelled to take every precaution possible to insure that any evidence collected at the scene would not be excluded from any possible future court proceedings,” Donini said.

Donini said, since the investigation started, detectives have conducted field interviews with nearly thirty separate individuals of which some have been interviewed on multiple occasions. A total of seventeen video-taped statements and/or interviews have been obtained. He said detectives have conducted two consensual searches of residential properties.

According to Donini, four search warrants have been obtained and executed to gather possible evidence from four separate cellphones and one search warrant has been obtained and executed for possible evidence from one ipad device. In addition, autopsies were conducted on both victims and multiple pieces of evidence were obtained from the residence where the actual homicides occurred and have been submitted to BCI &I for further analysis.

“Detectives have worked tirelessly on this investigation and I emphasize that the investigation has been extensive and complicated and I would like to thank the public for all of the information they have provided to assist in this investigation,” Donini said. “This investigation is by no means concluded and will continue to be investigated and evaluated.”

He went on to say anyone with information concerning the investigation is encouraged to contact detectives from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office. The number for Investigations is 740-355-8245.

By Frank Lewis

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