Kelley nonchalant about record


After a successful four-year career at Minford, senior Trey Kelley decided to cement his entire high-school legacy on one night — on senior night.

In a 77-54 victory over Warren, Kelley scored 52 points, breaking the all-time school record for points in a game. The previous record was held by Eli Parkes who scored 48 in 2001.

While setting a new school mark, Kelley’s efficiency from the floor was undeniable. Kelley finished the game going 20-of-26, 5-of-7 from the free-throw line and making 9-of-13 from downtown. Kelley was also one trey short of tying the Minford record for most threes in a game, which is held by Kenton Gullion who hit 10 3-pointers in one contest.

Falcons head coach Josh Shoemaker acknowledged that Kelley’s performance was one of the best he’s ever seen.

“Absolutely. He broke our school record,” Shoemaker said. “He shot it well. But people don’t understand how much time Trey’s put into shooting over the summer and in the mornings when he could have stayed in bed. That record was broken with a lot of hard work and sweat. It wasn’t just a fluke game by him.”

It was also a moment that will stay with Kelley for the rest of his life.

“It was definitely surreal,” Kelley said. “I never thought anything like that could happen. That’s unheard of but a shout out to my teammates for getting me that ball. We have players that can do that any night.”

As the game progressed, there was serious doubt whether Kelley would break the record. After scoring 17 points in the first half, Kelley was sitting at 37 with four minutes left in the game.

“We really didn’t think the record was going to be broke,” Shoemaker said.

But on the next three possessions, Kelley scored seven straight points to put him at 44 on the night. Then, after getting to 48, point guard Brandon Rowe delivered a pass to Kelley who drained a 3-pointer on the right wing to reach the 52-point mark.

Kelley said all of his teammates were thrilled for him, including Rowe who delivered the record-breaking pass.

“All of my teammates and coaches were hugging me and congratulating me, giving me high fives. It was something I’ll never forget. It was sweet,” Kelley said.

“Throughout the game, Brandon Rowe had 10 or 15 assists. He was happier for me than I was at the moment. It was just a good moment for everybody.”

Shoemaker said Kelley’s teammates were instrumental in the record-breaking performance.

“Trey wasn’t going for the record at the start of the game, but his teammates continued to feed him the ball and his teammates got him to that record,” Shoemaker said. “The seniors especially, Brandon (Rowe), Jared (Alley) and Jacob Perry wanted him to get that record more than Trey did.

“It’s just a tribute to the seniors going out. It was a huge victory over Warren. Warren’s a very good club and put us out last year. It was just an amazing exhibition of offense by Trey that night.”

The overall performance of the Falcons during Kelley’s moment was an indication of the Minford program.

“Anytime we’ve been a part of something and someone’s getting close to a record — we don’t go for records purposefully — sometimes they just kind of happen, but once the teammates know it’s getting closer, they continue to feed it,” Shoemaker said.

“Brandon was the biggest proponent of it, telling guy to get him the ball. He was really looking for Trey that night. I thought he passed up some of his own shots, same with Jared Alley. Jared really tried to work the ball to him. It was an individual record but the team got him there.”

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Senior goes out with a historic bang

By Chris Slone

[email protected]

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