Gas bills lower this year


How long has it been since someone told you something would cost you less this year than last year? A run of low monthly natural gas costs and residential bills will continue into February for Columbia Gas of Ohio customers. And, in addition to lower residential bills, customers are receiving added value as part of their monthly payment.

Customers are expected to see an average February bill of $93.07, a decrease of $23.16 from the average February 2015 bill of $116.23. Shane Cartmill external affairs specialist with Columbia Gas of Ohio says the decrease is significant, as February is traditionally the month when – due to the weather – homes typically see the highest consumption of natural gas.

The lower bill is thanks, in part, to a lower natural gas costs. The February Standard Choice Offer (SCO) price is 35 cents per Ccf (100 cubic feet), compared to 43 cents per Ccf last year.

February’s natural gas costs are the lowest February costs since 1995, when consumers paid customers paid about 30 cents per Ccf.

He said Columbia Gas of Ohio customers are receiving much more than lower prices this month. Compared to a decade ago, customer’s bills now reflect the fixed delivery charges. With the implementation of the Accelerated Gas Mains Replacement Program (AMRP), customers are benefitting from safer, more reliable service. Finally, customer bills reflect actual bill readings each month with the elimination of the bi-monthly estimated bill.

Cartmill said customers wishing to save even more can take advantage of the company’s energy efficiency programs. Rebates are available on setback thermostats and efficient showerheads; customers can order on the web, over the phone or mail in a rebate form. The company also offers comprehensive home energy audits and rebates on recommended improvements such as insulation and air sealing. Complete information is available at

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By Frank Lewis

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