Work remains on sewer project

On Tuesday, the Scioto County Commissioners made known, a punch list of about a dozen items still exist before that Minford Area Wastewater Treatment Project is truly complete.

The topic was brought up in conversation when Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman informed the commissioners that two of the county’s snow plows were damaged after running into raised sewer lines associated with the project.

Opperman said the impact bent the blade on both truck several inches.

Opperman said in one of the incidents the driver was hurt.

“We had two plows damaged by sanitary manholes that were installed as a part of the Minford Sewer Project. They (sanitary manholes) were listed to be repaired, but nothing’s been done to them,” Opperman said. “It (impact) bent one of the plows back two inches and the other one inch.”

Opperman said the injured driver is ok now, but received some pain as a result.

“One driver hit one twice, he (the driver) said he was going two miles per hour trying not to hit and he still caught it,” Opperman said.

When asked what remains to be fixed to complete the sewer project, Mike Crabtree, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners said there was a lot.

“There’s a lot of stuff on punch lists, that can’t be done because of the weather. The sewer is functional it’s just that they have a lot of things that need cleaned up and straightened up,” Crabtree said.

When asked specifics about the remaining items, Commissioner Doug Coleman said the list has about a dozen items on it.

Crabtree said once the weather stabilizes, a number of the items on the punch list can be completed quickly.

Coleman said there has been some money withheld from the contractor to ensure they come back and finish the punch list.

In September local and state officials celebrated the completion of the Minford Area Wastewater Treatment Project.

The origins of the Minford Area Wastewater Treatment Project dates back to 2012 when the county was awarded a $15 million dollar grant from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development and a $15 million dollar low interest loan from the state of Ohio office of rural development.

With the start of the Minford Sanitary Sewer Project marked the second sewer project to be completed by the office this year.

Earlier this year the Eden Park Sanitary Sewer Project was completed.

Snow plows damaged, driver hurt

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