Pretzel company eyes Portsmouth


The Philly Pretzel Factory is looking to grow their brand into Ohio. One of the first places in Ohio, the company is looking is Portsmouth.

Philly Pretzel Factory Chief Development Officer Tom Monaghan said Portsmouth would be a good fit for their brand.

Monaghan said, The Philly Pretzel Factory, is a franchisor based out of Philadelphia and have been in business since 1998.

“Over the last couple of years now, we’ve spent a significant amount of our time building the infrastructure that we needed to be able to expand the brand nationwide,” Monaghan said.

He said work on that goal involved work on distribution channels, the addition of a marketing department to drive branding, strategy and other work.

The Philly Pretzel Factory locations are in 12 states from New York, Texas to Indiana.

Monaghan said, the company is now asking its self, how to add stores in markets, they think would be a good fit for the company.

“Portsmouth is one of those towns, which have hit the map, when we were looking at things. The whole southern Ohio market, Portsmouth was one of the towns that hit us as a potential,” Monaghan said. “We see the stabilization of that town (Portsmouth) and with the Honda Plant not too far away. There are some things like that, which tells us that will be a good market.”

He said the target market for a Philly Pretzel Factory location is a market, is blue-collar kind of towns and a high concentration of young kids.

“Our product is used in schools, sporting events, birthdays, graduations and celebrations around kids. What we’ve seen there (Portsmouth) is a really good potential market for us,” Monaghan said.

When asked what would have to happen to bring The Philly Pretzel Factory to Portsmouth, Monaghan said “we’ve got to find the right franchise partner, now. We’re doing some searches for someone that wants to be a small business entrepreneur.”

He said at a location of The Philly Pretzel Factory people will find Monaghan said, “Our typical store is an 800 to 1,000 square foot, small retail business. It would typically be next to a grocery store or a free standing store with a drive-thru. Our products revolve around snack and meal replacement. It’s a Philly Soft Pretzel and most of our menu is based off derivatives of that.”

He said all of the locations are grab-and-go environments, with no seating.

For more information about the Philly Pretzel Factory visit,

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By Wayne Allen

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