LIFE Medical Response awards Progressive Care Unit


Southern Ohio Medical Center’s (SOMC) Progressive Care Unit assisted LIFE Medical Response by participating in their toy drive this year.

The toy drive was organized by Wendy Williams, the Events Coordinator for LIFE and Michael Pistole, Chief Operations Officer.

“We’ve had toy drives in the past and we started it up again this year. In years previous, the hospital has always helped us by donating to the toy drive,” said Williams,”the Progressive Care Unit, alongside with other departments within the hospital and donations from community members gave us around 1,000 toys this year.”

Of the 1,000 toys donated, 300 were donated by the Progressive Care Unit.

The toys are distributed to local families in need, and assist other charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the homeless shelter.

“I feel the help of the SOMC employees donating toys for the LIFE Medical Response toy drive, definitely makes a difference in the amount of toys we collect to better help our community. We not only give to individual families, but we have enough to support other toy drives in our area,” said Williams.

To award their accomplishment, Williams along with Pistole presented the Progressive Care Unit with a plaque to display. In addition to the plaque, they also provided the unit with their choice of lunch for all shifts, and a cake.

“LIFE contacted us about helping with the toy drive, and we all pulled together to help. We had always helped in the previous years and we missed it. We were glad to be able to do it again this year,” said Nurse Manager Linda Horner.

Both Williams and Pistole are enthusiastic about the future of the toy drive.

“My hope is to collect enough to help as many people as possible. Some are stricken with sickness, or may be raising other family member’s children. We just want to spread a little Christmas cheer to uplift them during their difficult time,” said Williams.

“We’re going to continue this next year, we’re going to shoot for more. I look forward to seeing it grow,” said Pistole.

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Ciara R. Williams Progressive Care unit receiving award from LIFE’s Michael Pistole R. Williams Progressive Care unit receiving award from LIFE’s Michael Pistole

Ciara R. Williams

Reach Ciara R. Williams at 740-353-3101 or [email protected]

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