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Most people might not realize what all happens within the halls of the old Glenwood High School, which now functions as the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ESC). The organization is mostly known for its involvement and partnerships with local schools, by providing extra opportunities for students through its gifted services department, providing staff for schools, and even housing some students in its classrooms for those who have extra needs.

It is also a resource for teachers to better themselves, which, in turn, creates more opportunities for the students they serve. In its efforts, the organization has paid for teachers to attend various classes and platforms in other locations and more. Most recently, the ESC has offered educational opportunities through their typical Resident Educator trainings.

In this most recent training, nearly 50 local teachers participated in their Year Two Resident Educator training on Tuesday, December 8.

The training isn’t an optional addition to teacher education, it is something required by the state, and the ESC offers it to these faculty members.

According to Ryan Ottney, ESC director of communications, “New teachers starting their first job are given a Resident Educator Teaching License by the state of Ohio, and must complete four years of Resident Educator Training to receive their Professional Teaching License.”

Ottney explained that Year One teachers meet four times a year for training; Year Two meet three times a year, Year Three meet once, and Year Four meet individually with teachers. During those four years, Resident Educator Teachers work closely with a mentor to guide and evaluate them.

These professional development workshops are conducted around topics of concern to all new teachers, such as classroom management, effective use of assessments, and standards-based education.

“Our program serves teachers from throughout Scioto County, as well as Manchester in Adams County and Oak Hill in Jackson County,” Tammy Hambrick, Resident Educator program director, said. “Although participation is required, the Ohio Department of Education allows us to determine our own program structure as long as we include certain components. We decided to hold our meetings after school which makes for a long day, but it gives teachers more time in class with their students.”

The topic of the training on Tuesday was how to incorporate formative assessments into their classroom instruction.

“They’ve had training on how to give good, quality assessments, but at this point we’re really trying to make sure they are able to take what they’ve learned and actually use it correctly and effectively in the classroom,” Hambrick said. “We’re trying to grow really high-quality teachers who, very early in their careers, are able to instruct students with as much effectiveness as possible. Even to the level of teachers who have been teaching 10, 15, or 20 years.”

Several other training sessions are scheduled throughout the year, in which teachers from three Ohio counties have the opportunity to participate in.

Accord to the ESC, registration for those events is closed. Various classroom management resources, including videos and web links, are available on the Resident Educator webpage, in the curriculum department of the South Central Ohio ESC website at

For more information about the South Central Ohio ESC, visit online or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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Submitted Photo Nearly 50 local teachers participated in Year Two Resident Educator Training at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center on Dec. 9. Photo Nearly 50 local teachers participated in Year Two Resident Educator Training at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center on Dec. 9.

By Joseph Pratt

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