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I love to participate in community activities, taste new wines and beers, try unique recipes and foods, listen to interesting new sounds, and experience new things. It is good, not only for me and my wife, Sara, to get out and try new things, but also for the local community and economy.

I’ll be attempting to keep up with this weekly feature, in which I am going to cheaply call Pratt’s Preferences, where I suggest events to participate in, items to buy, and things to try. No ad dollars are put into this and the points I make are my preferences alone.

We are in an awkward time where there isn’t much planned. Halloween is just ending and a majority of people are thinking about Thanksgiving feasts, while many are trying hard to keep from decking the halls and letting Christmas out a little early. As a side note, our tree looks pretty good, lighting the center window of our home at night.… I know, I know, I have no willpower.

Speaking of lacking willpower, I don’t know if anyone has any, at least that I’ve ever met, when it comes to the amazing food at Patsy’s Inn Restaurant. And if that person does exist, I don’t think I even want to know them.

Whether you are looking for a nice business lunch meeting place or you’re simply trying to waking up with home-style breakfast, Patsy’s has it.

Pasty’s is a cornerstone in the community, honestly; it has been around forever and a day. I recall going in with my grandma for regular breakfasts in middle school, her occassionally pointing out Mr. and Mrs. Mayor Gerlach, enjoying a quite breakfast to themselves. She would often comment on how nice Mrs. Gerlach looked that day.

A decade later, when I began teaching my wife everything that makes Portsmouth what it is, Patsy’s was early on the list. I remember her enjoying the place and asking about the cute couple to our side. I pointed out they were Cynthia and Frank Gerlach. Thinking about being introduced to the place ten years ago, I realized not much had changed, not even the regulars. Seeing them there is always a sense of comfort and a reminder to be humble in my beautiful home.

I was proud of my wife when we recently woke up, nursing a night out with friends, and she immediately suggested Patsy’s. It was kind of a sign that she was becoming a part of Portsmouth. And in that story, there is anther point to make— Patsy’s breakfast is the perfect hangover food, especially their biscuits and gravy. I cannot establish this fact enough.

There are other great places to eat in the area, too.

Last week, I called Karen Davis’ chocolate the best dessert option around. I feel like I don’t even have to say that ‘83 Sweets is the very close second. I only recently went into their new location, since I don’t go that way too often. I told myself I’d get one or two for me and the wife. I left with a dozen and I had no regrets.

The sugary magic of ‘83 Sweets is out of this world. The flavors are unique and bold, and you never even feel like you’re eating a simple cupcake. My favorite recipe so far has been the apple pie cupcake, which has pie filling garnishing the top. My immediate reaction to shamelessly eating two huge cupcakes in a row was to ask if they’d rent a room to me, so I would only be feet from their sinfully delicious products at all times. I’m waiting to see if the precinct they operate out of will eventually allow the voters to say if they are allowed to stay open, since their stuff is so addictive. If you haven’t had the opportunity to eat one, or six-or-so-dozen, of their cupcakes yet, put down the paper right now and go to Lucasville, because you’ll thank me.

As I mentioned, there isn’t a whole lot going on during this seasonal adjustment period. If I attend anything this week, it will likely be Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association’s production of illusion and magic with Jason Bishop.

I’m also considering attending Portsmouth Area Art’s Council’s (PAAC) invitation to see “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I just love that PAAC brings in Shakespearean troupes, because these classic stories can be hard to come by. I carried a 20-pound Shakespeare collection for two semesters in college, so it is safe to say I am a fan of the Bard’s work. I respect PAAC, for keeping his timeless work alive in the area.

The information on both of these events will be included in this week’s edition of In the Know.

Before it gets any colder, and people start pouring Baileys into their coffee, I want to remind everyone that fall sangria is still a thing. Sara and I recently made one for the first time and we loved it. We replaced red wine with our favorite white, however, to keep it a little sweeter. We used a honey crisp apple cider to balance it out and threw in two finely chopped apples, pomegranate, and black berries. After we let it all chill in the fridge, it was delicious to not only drink, but also eat. I recommend Party Connection for this task for sure, they’ll be able to help guide you to finding the best wine for you.

There are many local businesses worth visiting. Local artists are found in abundance between the Appalachian Hills. There are a lot of unique flavors found in restaurants and breweries. I hope to highlight many of these throughout these features. I am also open to recommendations from readers as well.

Reach Joseph Pratt at 740-353-3101, ext. 1932, or by Twitter @JosephPratt03.

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