A closer look at unofficial election results


By Wayne Allen

[email protected]

The general election of 2015 has come and gone, bringing out an above average number of voters as each precint slowly filed in. The election saw a number of people re-elected to offices, while also seeing a number of people elected to new offices. Forty percent of registered Scioto County voters went to the polls and voted on candidates and issues.

There were 16 levies on the ballot in ten townships, including a countywide levy for Children Services. All levies were approved, with the exception of two levies in Harrison Twp.

Harrison Twp. voters did not pass a current expenses levy, 475 votes against and 340 yes votes. They also did not pass an electric aggregate, with 432 no votes and 351 yes votes.

Voters in Washington Twp. approved a police protection levy. Voters in Valley Twp. approved a fire levy. In Jefferson Twp., voters approved levies for ambulance services, road improvements, and roads.

Harrison Twp. voters approved an EMS levy and voters in Clay Twp., approved a fire and roads levy. Voters in Brush Creek Twp. approved a cemeteries and parks levy. Voters in the village of New Boston, Otway and South Webster approved levies.

The Scioto County Children Services levy was approved by county voters with 10,918 yes votes and 6,369 votes against.

Portsmouth Municipal Court Judge Steven Mowery was re-elected with 13,961 votes. Portsmouth Auditor Trent Williams was re-elected with 2,739 votes. Voters re-elected Portsmouth Solicitor John Haas with 2001; he beat out his challenger Gene Meadows who received 1,057 votes.

City of Portsmouth voters approved write-in candidate Jo Ann Aeh as the second ward representative on Portsmouth City Council. Voters re-elected Jim Kalb as fourth ward representative and voters chose Tom Lowe as sixth ward representative on Portsmouth City Council with 350 votes. Lowe beat out his challenger Shawn Stratton with 198 votes.

All of the officials in the Village of New Boston were running unopposed and were re-elected. William “Junior” Williams Jr. was re-elected mayor, Lana Loper was re-elected clerk/treasurer of New Boston. Dan Fetty, Jon Mills, Mike Payton and Johnnie Steele were elected as New Boston Council Members.

Denise Rose was elected as mayor of Otway and Melodee Jean Ruby was elected clerk/treasurer of Otway with 20 votes, beating out her challenger Valerie Enz with 17 votes.

Lillie Crisp received 19 votes, Amy Eichenlaub received 15 votes, Michael W. Eichenlaub received 12 votes and Anita Tolle Powell received 24 votes in seeking council member of Otway.

Ronald Syroney was elected mayor of Rarden and Marty Thompson received 24, Sharon Ward received 46 votes and Angie White received 52 votes for council member of Rarden.

Maribeth Dalton was elected mayor of South Webster and Jerri Cummings received 118 and Carlos Mays received 119 for council member of South Webster.

Fred Canter was elected Bloom Twp, trustee and Diana Stonerock was elected Bloom Twp fiscal officer.

For Brush Creek Twp., Trustee Michael Stump received 254 votes with a write in candidate receiving 40 votes. Beverly Eichenlaub was elected Brush Creek Twp. fiscal officer.

In Clay Twp., Bill Runyon was elected trustee and Rick Vournazos was elected fiscal officer. In Green Twp. Darrell Thomas was elected trustee and Sandra Cherry was elected fiscal officer. In Harrison Twp, Alan Brisker was elected trustee and Sandra Brisker was elected fiscal officer.

In Jefferson Twp., Charles Harris was elected trustee and Lisa Buckle was elected fiscal officer. Donald R. Lambert Jr. received 446 votes and Greg Shirey II received 448 votes for Madison Twp. Trustee, with Hackie Noel elected fiscal officer.

In Morgan Twp., Ralph Carver received 353 votes and Shane Marcum received 215 votes for trustee. Carolyn Hobbs was elected Morgan Twp. fiscal officer. In Nile Twp. Harold Hayslip received 327 votes and Scott Journey received 241 votes for trustee. Christopher Norman was elected Nile Twp. fiscal officer.

David Hayden was elected Porter Twp. trustee and Ted Adams was elected fiscal officer. Michelle Adams received 104 votes, Terry Foster received 119 votes and Jerraid Osborne received 46 votes for Rarden Twp. trustee. Dixie Kirker received 139 votes and Stacy Hall received 135 votes for Rarden Twp. fiscal officer.

For Rush Twp., Trustee Jarrod Montavon received 479 votes and a write in candidate received 206 votes. Jill Springs was elected Rush Twp. fiscal officer. In Union Twp., David Euton received 442 votes for trustee and Donald Osborne received 113 votes, Kevin Marshall received 150 votes and Angie Howell received 229 votes for Union Twp. fiscal officer.

Larry Merritt received 482 votes and Robby Hall received 153 votes for Valley Twp. trustee and Lanette Wagner was elected Valley Twp. fiscal officer. Rick Cartee received 315 votes and Fred Wicker received 262 votes for Vernon Twp. Trustee. Sandy Bandy-Belford was elected Vernon Twp. fiscal officer.

In Washington Twp., Jerry Russell received 349 votes, Mark Doll received 491 votes and Tony Journey received 598 votes for trustee. Cheri Seevers was elected Washington Twp. fiscal officer.

On Tuesday’s ballot, there were ten local liquor options, voters were able to choose if they would allow the sale of beer or Sunday sales in the area they live.

Five of the options were voted down and five were approved. It’s important to note on some of the options the difference between the yes and no votes were less than five. In some cases those issues will have to be recounted, because they fall within the one half of one percent recount margin.

Those options that were approved by voters include Weaver West in Nile Twp.; there were 175 yes votes and 99 no votes.

Within the city of Portsmouth, Kroger received approval for Sunday sales, with 64 yes votes and 46 no votes. Sonora received 127 votes in favor of selling alcohol and 59 votes against. Sonora also received approval for Sunday sales with 112 yes votes and 73 no votes.

Those local liquor options not approved by voters included Kwik Stop in Harrison Twp with 151 no votes. Kwik Stop in Harrison Twp. also had a wine issue on the ballot that also failed, with 155 no votes and 102 yes votes. Burg Brew Thru in Porter Twp. received 171 yes votes and 176 no votes. Burg Brew Sunday Sales failed with 196 no votes and 153 yes votes. D JC Carryout in Porter Twp. had two options on the ballot with both failing.

The Scioto County Board of Elections will meet on November 17 to certify the results of the election.

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 1933 or on Twitter @WayneallenPDT

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Joseph Pratt | Daily Times Scioto County Board of Elections workers processing equipment Tuesday night.
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