SOC boys All-Stars


Southern Ohio Conference

2015 Soccer All-Stars

SOC I First Team

Shane Zimmerman (South Webster), Drew Dutiel (South Webster), Alek Blevins (South Webster), Logan Stambaugh (South Webster), Matthew Shonkwiler (South Webster), Kahler Rockwell (South Webster), Trevor Coriell (South Webster), Dom Holding (South Webster), Zack Gahm (Valley), Alex Gahm (Valley), Aaron Linne (Valley), Jacob Gibson (Valley), Bryce Romanello (Valley), Aaron Keyser (Clay), Tyler Knittel (Clay), Ethan Newton (Clay), Devon Holcomb (Clay), Ethan Porter (Glenwood), Edward McGahan (Glenwood), Austin Litz (Glenwood), Dylan Rawlins (Glenwood).

SOC I Second Team

Blake Fulk (South Webster), Sam Holstein (South Webster), Shiloah Blevins (South Webster), Taylor Golden (Valley), Adam Friend (Valley), Clayton Ruby (Valley), Jordan Collier (Clay), Anthony Williams (Clay), Parker Steele (Glenwood), Kade Conley (Glenwood).

SOC I Champions- South Webster

SOC I Offensive Player of the Year- Shane Zimmerman (South Webster)

SOC I Defensive Player of the Year- Aaron Linne (Valley)

SOC I Coach of the Year- Corey Claxon (South Webster)

Records- South Webster (6-0-0), Valley (3-3), Clay (1-4-1), Glenwood (1-4-1).

SOC II First Team

Zack Jordan (Wheelersburg), Chance Holbrook (Wheelersburg), Issac Mullins (Wheelersburg), Ethan Pulley (Wheelersburg), Ethan McCain (Wheelersburg), Christian Hughes (Wheelersburg), Dalton Wood (Wheelersburg), Alex Munion (Wheelersburg), Eli Reffit (Minford), Jacob Perry (Minford), Ian Tolle (Minford), Mason Harris (Minford), Tanner Gampp (Minford), Caleb Mills (Northwest), Billy Murphy (Northwest), Ben Howard (Northwest), Austin Speer (Northwest), James White (Waverly), Darby Teeters (Waverly), Tyler Newman (Waverly), Nathan Bragdon (Portsmouth West), TJ Hoggard (Portsmouth West).

SOC II Second Team

Kurt Kaskey (Wheelersburg), Devin Thurmer (Wheelersburg), Malek Soumakieh (Wheelersburg), Jeremy Fuhrman (Minford), Talen Coriell (Minford), Matthew Gullet (Minford), Dylan Amburgey (Northwest), Tyler Webb (Northwest), Chance Brown (Waverly), Levi Moore (Waverly), Chris Dials (Portsmouth West).

SOC II Champions- Wheelersburg

SOC II Offensive Player of the Year- Ethan McCain (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Defensive Player of the Year- Nathan Bragdon (Portsmouth West)

SOC II Coach of the Year- Jon Estep (Wheelersburg)

Records- Wheelersburg (8-0), Minford (6-2), Northwest (4-4), Waverly (2-6), Portsmouth West (0-8).

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