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At the most recent regularly scheduled meeting of the Portsmouth City School District Board of Education, two Trojans were honored by the Ohio School Boards Association for their tireless efforts to bring forth positive educational opportunities for thousands of young students over the course of ten years.

The two board members were Barb Gibson and Mary Sommer, who have served their time with a plethora of board peers, four superintendents, hundreds of staff, and countless young Portsmouth Trojans.

Paul Mock, southeast regional manager of the Ohio Department of Education was at the meeting to thank them and present them with an award.

“I am a former board member and I sincerely appreciate what all of you do as a board,” Mock said, concerning board members in any school district. “There is a lot more to the job than just coming together for occasional evening meetings. There is a lot that goes on when you are a member of the board and you are appreciated.”

Being a board member is an important task that involves many responsibilities. It requires many hours of research, reading, and learning, to keep up with relevant topics and policies in the ever-changing education field.

Boards do hold their regularly scheduled meetings, but also have emergency meetings when a trying time calls for it or when interviewing for important positions. They have to approve ever major expense, every staff hire, calendar days, and much more.

“We are fortunate to have the dedicated board members who serve our students, parents, and staff members so selflessly and who want the best for them each day,” Superintendent Scott Dutey said. “Barb Gibson and Mary Sommer certainly epitomize this and I appreciate their efforts on behalf of our school district.”

Sommer will be on the ballot for reelection on November 3. She has no contestant.

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Submitted Photo Barb Gibson, Paul Mock, and Mary Sommer Photo Barb Gibson, Paul Mock, and Mary Sommer

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