New Boston Phase 3 project delayed


By Frank Lewis

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Phase 3 of the New Boston sewer project has been delayed.

“The bid was supposed to be the 6th of October but we have to put it off at least for 90 days,” New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said. “So it might not be bid until February or March, but we are going to bid phase 3.”

The project has a $1 million price tag for the federal government, and carries a $333,000 match from the village. Phase 3 is to be bid out in three alternate bids, and he laid out the plans for each phase. Phase 3-A will be installing the 72-inch pipe from Rhodes Avenue to Gallia Street. Phase 3-B will take the pipe up to the front of the old Glenwood High School and will catch all the stormwater from Glenwood and will take an increased amount of stormwater out of the combined sewer. Phase 3-C will consist of televising and cleaning of sewer lines.

“The federal government with the U.S. Corps of Engineers is different from state funding,” Hamilton said. “There’s more hurdles to jump over because it’s the federal government’s money.”

Hamilton said a study for possible pollutants has to be completed.

“We’ve already got our Permit to Install, but the federal government says you have to get a hold of Fish and Wildlife, ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) and others and make sure there are not trees (in the way),” Hamilton said. “They know we’re putting in the line in the middle of the road, but all these people have to sign off on it that it’s okay.”

Hamilton said he would not want to start a project and discover pollutants after the project has started. “Then the cost would go up maybe a million or so to remediate the pollutants.

“We’ve already had it core drilled,” Hamilton said. “We’ve already had all this stuff done. We’ve had core driller in there. We’ve had the pollution specialists in there. Ohio EPA says there’s nothing in there through records, but where the federal money is coming, there is just more people that have to be gotten in touch with. There’s just so many steps that you have to go through for the federal money.”

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