Letters to the editor


In a recent press release concerning the Paul E. Johnson Memorial Fund Soiree, a particular paragraph read: “One hundred percent of funds donated go to the Paul E. Johnson Memorial Fund and/or Main Street Portsmouth projects and activities (compare this to only 7.5 percent going to projects and activities for the Wounded Warrior Project, for example).”

The 7.5 percent information had been provided me by a subject matter expert; an individual who, by their own account, worked with the Wounded Warrior Project two to three years ago.

In actuality, the Wounded Warrior Project spends 59.9 percent of its income on projects and activities, not 7.5 percent. Its administrative overhead is but 6.0 percent and 34% of its income is spent on fundraising expenses.

Though my subject matter expert has apologized to me, this is my mistake. I forgot to adhere to the adage: “trust… but verify.”

I apologize to all, especially to the Wounded Warrior Project, those whom it serves and those who support this group, for having provided erroneous information.

Kevin W. Johnson

Portsmouth, Ohio

Today September 3rd the United States Of America has joined a very exclusive category of nations such as Iran, Red China, North Korea and others who imprison Christians because of their faith.

On this day a Federal Judge had Kim Davis of Kentucky a devote Bible believing Christian thrown in jail because she chooses not to violate Christian teaching that marriage is one man and one women by refusing to issue so-called gay marriage license as the county clerk. She is not the first Christian to come under attack by the court system. Since the current administration has been in office Christians have been, fined outrageous amounts of money and threatened with imprisonment for not baking a certain kind of cake, making flower arrangements or hosting events that violate their deep personal faith beliefs.

These examples of religious persecution is just a sad commentary of how far this nation has turned away from the core values that made it great; like freedom of religion which now is being trampled over by a corrupt court system led by the Supreme Court itself; who made their ruling on gay-marriage by an act of judicial activism never seen before. The five who made the ruling did not base it on what the constitution said but according to Justice Kennedy, what it did not say. And two Justices, Ginsberg and Kagen both performed gay-weddings prior to the Supreme Courts vote on the matter which in and of itself was a conflict of interest that by all rights should have disqualified them from voting.

Kim Davis is a rare breed of hero who refuses to bow to the unconstitutional and un-American decrees of an apostate court system. Every Bible believing Christian was put in jail with her and should realize how seriously threatened religious freedom is in America today. If this is not stopped now the Churches will be next to come under this same kind of hostile attack for teaching sodomy is sin and refusing to comply.

Mike Queen

Lucasville, Ohio

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