HVAC Improvements underway


Contractors have started in full force on improvements to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the Collins and Riffe Centers. The project generally consists of the installation of new boilers and an air handler in the Collins Center. Also, both the Riffe Center and Collins Center are being retrofitted with new equipment, piping, and ductwork associated with a new automated control system. In the end, this will mean greater ability to control the comfort in individual spaces, temperature set-backs during unoccupied times, and improved energy efficiency.

“This is a positive impact to the bottom line through reduced maintenance and energy costs,” said Adam Riehl, director of facilities management at Southern.

Currently, day and evening shifts are working in order to achieve a project completion of November 2015. During construction, the campus can expect temperature fluctuations, possible class disruptions, noise, and untidiness.

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