On being 70


By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

I have reached another milestone in my life. On Sept. 2 I will turn 70 years of age. I was reflecting on that number today. I have been alive in eight decades. I have a point of reference as to when America was great. I came in on the heels of our greatest generation, a generation that fought two major world powers simultaneously and defeated both. I watched those people form America’s companies and communities and give us strength and stability. I then saw subsequent generations throw it all away and change a free society into an entitlement-laden society.

But having said all that, I believe I am the most blessed person I know. I have a job I love, work with people I respect, have a great group of friends and a wide variety of interests.

The hardest part of being my age is that everyone close to me in age wants to know when I’m going to retire. Everyone I know can’t wait to get to Florida and play golf every day. I have no intention of retiring and I like it here just fine. So if people can just leave the subjects of retirement and health issues out of their conversations with me we will most likely get along fine.

I still love following political issues, actually reading a hard-back book, watching a good football game and cooking out with friends like Bryan and Barb Setser. I am not attached to my cellphone nor my computer nor my tablet. I am attached to talking to neighbors, sitting on my deck and discussing the presidential race.

This year has been most interesting because I have expanded my ministry to an additional church. I am now not only affiliated with New Life Family Worship Center where teaching prophecy is my favorite thing to do, but I am also affiliated with First Christian Church where I have the privilege of preaching on a fairly regular basis.

There is nothing more fun than being busy. Having a workday facing me every day is what motivates me. I am blessed to know a lot of people from all walks of life. I get to deal with political leaders and law enforcement. I get to watch government in action and police officers protect lives daily. I have great leadership in Ryan Ottney and Hope Comer here at the Daily Times and I can tell you this newspaper puts out more local content now than it ever has which makes me extremely proud.

I am still having fun going to work everyday which is not something I hear from a lot of people. That is because of the creativity I see on a daily basis. This company fosters creativity and that is the result of understanding change management. Continually evolving is important in all industries and especially in the newspaper business and we are doing that.

I am excited about some of the new things we are doing here and look forward to hearing from our readers as they react to what is new and exciting from the Daily Times.

So birthdays come and go, and they are usually good for one thing, to give you a chance to reflect on who you are and what you are doing and maybe more importantly, where you are headed. I love my life and am still having fun. That means half the battle is won.

Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. 1928, or on Twitter @franklewis.

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