Too cold for comfort food


By Frank Lewis

[email protected]

I just returned from shivering through my entire lunch. I didn’t enjoy the food because all I could think of is how cold I was. I have now decided there are several restaurants in the area where I won’t go again until winter. That’s because, by then I will have on a long-sleeve shirt and maybe even a jacket or coat.

I have yet to have anyone explain to me why restaurant management is determined to make the dining rooms so cold. Just months ago we ran inside to get out of the cold but something unexplainable happens in restaurants. They turn the thermostat to the same temperature that you tried to escape all winter.

I used to explain it away by creating the theory that the people working in the hot kitchen set the thermostats, but I haven’t been able to prove that, so, for the time being, it will remain a mystery as to why restaurants insist on making their customers cold.

Maybe it’s the hope of management that they will be so uncomfortable they will eat quicker and leave sooner. That theory could work except in my case it has just caused me to write-off several restaurants until I am dressed for the cold.

I have taken to carrying a sweater in my car for my wife because she is just miserable when restaurants are so cold and now I am beginning to think I should carry one for myself as well. I know it would look funny to see a guy sitting there in a sweater eating lunch in July or August, but if my lunch is a miserable time, I can’t enjoy what I’m eating.

Now, on the positive side, there are a couple of places that don’t attempt to freeze you out and those are the places I will frequent at least until I am dressed for the cold in the winter.

I would like for all the restaurant managers in the region to check the thermostat and if it is too cold set it a little bit higher so that I don’t shiver through lunch anymore. I’m just asking.

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