Jacobs and Thompson coming to Wurtland


By Portia Williams

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Greenup County, Ky., will soon have 15 new jobs coming to the area. Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter said Jacobs and Thompson, out of Canada, is bringing their business to Wurtland, Ky.

“Jacobs and Thompson is the name of the company, and they are out of Canada, and they seem awful nice people to me. I have met them twice,” Carpenter said. “They have four other companies in Canada. They make an adhesive film and fabric, and they will create about 15 jobs. “They said they will probably hire about five more once they get started.”

He said it was Jacobs and Thompson that sought the local area out.

“Governor Beshear was up there in Canada on an economic tour, and I think they checked our Economic Development website for the state,” he said. “But, the Governor was up there, and he talked to them, and the people with the Economic Cabinet, so everybody has had a good hand in this, the Governor’s Office, Economic Development Cabinet, the Ashland Alliance, and everyone has really worked together on this, and you an tell. A Senator, and a Representative have endorsed it, so it is going really well.”

Jacobs and Thompson will be located in The Riverport, in the Old Big Sandy building in Wurtland, Ky.

“I think that the 14th of this month is the date that they will actually move into the building. The electricians, and other people are in there working on it as we speak,” he said. “We have a wall that we have to remove, a petition, to make it bigger so their machinery will work in there.”

Carpenter said he does not know at this time where Jacobs and Thompson is in the hiring process, but said they will probably work through the local employment office.

“I always figure that every job is important,” he said. “And then with 15 or 20 jobs, with benefits is a good thing, and I am just grateful to get them. They said they have comparable wages and good benefits package, so when they promise you that, that’s all you can hope for.”

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