Drug Task Force auction a success


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Joseph Pratt | Portsmouth Daily Times Participants bidding on a tool set at the auction on Saturday.

Joseph Pratt | Portsmouth Daily Times
A row of products for sale before the crowd of bidders.

Joseph Pratt

[email protected]

People flocked to the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday morning, as they hosted the annual Scioto County Drug Task Force auction. Bidders battled through rain or shine, proving that the auction remains to be one of the largest in the area.

The auction was hosted by Allen Auctions and featured many different items that have been seized from different law enforcement agencies, from bed to boats.

The official seller of the property, as listed by Allens Auctions, was Scioto County Prosecutor Mark Kuhn.

Scioto County Sheriff’s Captain David Hall said most of the items auctioned were from the Scioto County Drug Task Force.

“Search warrants have been conducted and cases have been built on people and they have forfeited and had some property seized through the courts,” Hall said. “Some of it is abandoned property by probably 98 percent of it is from a criminal case involving drug trafficking or drug related charges were made against an individual.”

There were many items up for grabs as the area swarmed with a huge crowd. Some of the items included various types of cars, boats, trailers, stereo equipment, a welder, various hand and power tools, a washer and dryer, furniture, beds and more.

“I travel to these types of sales, because you can get good deals on cars that you really can’t find anywhere else,” Jeremy Scott, a participant, said on Saturday. “You can also get some power tools at cheap prices, too. They really benefit everybody.”

All funds generated from the seized property that was sold will go directly back into various departments of the different law enforcement agencies.

“This money goes back into the various departments—our office, the Portsmouth Police Department and the Scioto County Prosecutor’s Office,” Hall said. “We use that money to go right back against other drug traffickers and we use the money to make undercover buys. It all goes back into the drug account of our drug task force.”

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