Letter to the editor


On Friday, May 8th, 2015, I received an official offer of principal appointment to The United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

There are a few individuals who I would like to recognize for their efforts while assisting me throughout this process.

Pastor Dean Robinson, your letter of recommendation to Congressman Bill Johnson enabled me to receive his nomination. Thank you, I view you as a very genuine person who God has chosen to work through.

Superintendent Mark Knapp, your letter was the longest of any I received. Your career position, coupled with the opportunity you’ve had to see me develop in various ways throughout my academic career, was apparent throughout the letter and helped to provide the USMMA with an accurate representation of who I am. Mr. Knapp, your guidance has never lead me astray and your support has been encouraging in times of doubt.

Dr. George Pettit, when I initially reached out to you for assistance, I did not know where to begin. Your guidance helped me to form the mindset needed for completing the requirements of this process. I know you have worked very hard throughout your life to accomplish various things, and I one day aspire to be able to look back on my accomplishments and have them be of the same caliber as yours.

I would like to thank a few more people. Dr. John Whitaker for his letter of recommendation. Dr. Thomas Piontek for his letter of recommendation. Dr. Bob Mullins and Dr. Jack Ditty of Bellefonte Hospital for providing quality medical care. Mr. Matthew McCorkle for his letter of recommendation. Mr. Steven Ater and Mrs. Karie May for administering my Candidate Fitness Assessment. Lastly, good friends Alex Mullins and Jerry Evans for their letters of recommendation and unwavering support.

Zach Schweinsberg

Wheelersburg, Ohio

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