OPINION: Who Are You Going To Call?


There are times when trouble comes our way. It might be bills coming due or friends in a frenzy. I know one thing if you need a body shop when you have an accident, there is only one guy I trust. His name is Steve Matheny and he can take care of a dent faster than you can spell, “I got trouble”. He does it all and my friends there is no one friendlier than Steve. He will take care of all the dents in your vehicle in a whizz! Now when I say, “He can do it all”, I am not speaking of the “dents” in your spiritual life. One thing that Steve knows that is true in the physical as well as it is in the spiritual is that far too many people try to fix their own problems instead of leaving it to the one who can truly handle the situation.

You know, what is true in the physical is also true in the spiritual. Leave the fixing to the professional! And the professional in the spiritual realm is Jesus; He can do it all! He is the One who overcame the world! When Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” He knew who to trust. Paul knew who could get the job done! He knew who could fix the “spiritual dents” in his life. The only question that Steve and I have for you today is, “Do you know who to trust?” If you have been trusting yourself, you need to come to the One who can fix your life. His name is not Biden or Trump, His name is Jesus!

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