Salvation Army’s Family Store moving


The Salvation Army is spending the month of May cleaning house and moving in order to grow their Family Store once again, with a change in location from Eleventh Street to Findlay.

Salvation Army’s Mistie Simco says the move is a smart one that gains them an additional 2,000 square feet, and they plan to have a grand reopening on June 1. The new location will be at 1305 Findlay Street.

“Our plan is to move into a Family Store with much more room,” Simco claimed. “I think, in the end, this will be better for us. It is a little off the beaten path, but I think if we get the word out there then it will be better for the community.”

The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center was at the Eleventh Street location for five years, which was a major growth at the time, from its home location on Ninth Street. Recently outgrowing the space, the organization went on the hunt for something bigger, which led them to Findlay.

“The Family Store has a lot of benefits for the community. We give away a lot of vouchers and clothes. Even that of which we sell is at a highly discounted rate and 90 percent of everything we sell generates profit that goes right back into the community,” Simco said. “So, it really is our largest fundraiser and our largest service project.”

A lot of people benefit from the organization’s store, not just those shopping for good deals, but those who have no other option but to seek assistance.

A perfect example of the store’s usefulness was a recent case where the organization was able to help a family of five in need.

“We have a family we’re working with right now that had to flee home, because of an abusive situation. We were able to immediately help and get them clothing, after a family member decided to throw away all of their clothing. We were able to get them clothing, food, and essentials,” Simco said. “We were able to help this family of five immediately, because of the Family Store, and without the need for cutting through any red tape. We were just able to let them shop for what they needed.”

Simco said that the Salvation Army goes through a value of hundreds, if not thousands, of vouchers each month, thanks to donations made by the community.

“I think it is a need we cover, especially for those struggling to get back on their feet,” Simco said. “When people are in an emergency situation, we have access to items in the store to give away to the community, thanks to the donations we receive.”

Simco said that they rely on community donations to operate, but they’ve also forged partnerships with shoe stores like Scioto Shoemart, which donates items that allow the organization to give away good quality items to those in need.

They’re always in need of donated items and accept them between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday and Saturday by appointment.

“Everything in the store is acquired through donation,” Simco said. “So, without community support and receiving donations, we don’t have a store.”

While the biggest benefit of the store comes from the good deals they can offer a poverty-stricken community while not giving items away through vouchers, another key community benefit comes from profit raised through sales.

Simco explained that they generate around $10-$12 thousand a month through the Family Store and it allows them to retain one full-time staff member, three part-time staff members, and raises profit that goes towards funding the programming they’re known for. Some of the programming benefited from the store includes their youth activities, feeding programs, various voucher programs, social services, and more.

“I am nervous about the move and location, but, with the benefits of a larger space, I think we will do better if we can just get people there,” Simco said.

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