PLT Presents: Clue


PORTSMOUTH – The Portsmouth Little Theater will premier Clue on Friday, March 24th at 7:30PM. Three other nightly shows will follow on March 25th, 31st, and April 1st at 7:30PM as well as a matinee on Sunday, March 26th at 2PM.

“This cast has been amazing,” said Co-Director Leigh Anne Smith. Smith is co-directing with longtime PLT veteran Kasie McCreary. “It’s been so fun. This cast is having a great time and doing so incredibly well. They had their lines memorized on day one. And they are working really hard.”

Smith says the show has nearly sold out and that PLT cannot recommend tickets will be available at the door.

“We are selling tickets like crazy, that is why we added the fifth show. It’s awesome to see. Readers should not assume tickets will be available at the door.”

Clue is a stage adaption of the 1985 film (based on the popular board game) starring Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and many others. The story follows six strangers as they are invited to an ominous secluded mansion. Soon, they find themselves wrapped up in scandal, murder, mystery, and plenty of hilarious hi-jinks as they attempt to figure out who the murderer may be.

The large cast includes Adam Lucas (Wadsworth), Eric Grey (Colonel Mustard), Nate King (Mr. Green), Greg Bauer (Professor Plum), Shannon Grice (Mrs. White), Kelli Riffe (Ms. Scarlet), Eva Martin (Mrs. Peacock), Mr. Boddy (Eric Musser), Emily Nickell (Yvette the Maid), Annie Davis (the Cook), Kasie McCreary (Singing Telegram Girl), Pam Klinepeter (Unexpected Cop), Maeve Justice (Motorist), and Michael Vermillion (the Chief of Police).

“This is my first leading role outside of the Children’s Theater,” said Adam Lucas. “Every night, I go to sleep with the movie on. I’ve been watching many other Tim Curry movies, too. I read the show, I watch it, but I’m not copying Tim Curry. I’m adapting Wadsworth and really trying to get his backstory in my mind.”

Lucas says the chemistry between the cast has been phenomenal.

“This is a great cast. It’s been so much fun to be a part of,” said Lucas. “I’ve known most of these actors since I was a kid. We’ve been bouncing things off each other and really building chemistry. And its making the learning curve so much easier.”

Kelli Riffe, who is playing Ms. Scarlet, is portraying the smart, sexy and sassy entrepreneur on the stage.

“If you want to see a cult classic brought to life by your local community theater, people right here in this community, this is the show for you,” said Riffe. “We are really bringing this iconic show to life. I urge everyone to come out and see us for this fast-paced, wacky comedy.”

Tickets for Clue are available at for just $15 or $12 for seniors. PLT again urges readers to buy tickets early as they may sell out prior to showtime.

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