The Choices We Make


The choices we make in life can make us or break us. The decisions we make not only affect our lives and destinies, but also the ones who are near and dear to us! This is clearly seen in the life of Moses. Remember, Moses was raised in the household of Pharaoh and was cared for and trained by his mother concerning God’s directives. He lived the first forty years in the lap of luxury. He was even considered a prince of Egypt. But in spite of his privileged upbringing, Moses knew he was different from the Egyptians. All that he had learned about God at his mother’s knee confirmed that he was a Hebrew. At that point he came to a crossroad in his life. That is when Moses made the choice to identify with God and His people and that was the beginning of his walk with eternity.

That choice changed not only his life, but the world as we know it forever. The choices we make can either make us or break us. So what choices are before you today? The choices we make can change everything in our lives! And the choices you make day after day create and shape your character and future. So today I call on you to be bold in the way you choose because our God is bold! And never forget you are not alone your Heavenly Father is on call 24/7; choose wisely.

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