Court releases list of unclaimed Bonds


On January 4, the Portsmouth Municipal Court released a list of unclaimed Bonds on social media and it included 79 individuals. These are individuals who were released on cash bail and never returned for a refund.

The release of names also included a brief breakdown of rules.

“If another person posted a cash bail for you, then the unclaimed bond will only be issued to the depositor of said cash bail,” The release stated. “The case that a person was bailed out on must be fully completed through the court before a refund will be issued.”

The names on the list include Terris M Scott, $183.00; Terra Barker, $20.00; James L Shepherd, $100.00; Melinda Powell, $250.00; Ronald E Pruitt, $138.00; Amanda Williams, $183.00; Linda Potts, $183.00; Tracie Tackett, $100.00; Andrew W Bentley, $100.00; Debra K Jones, $100.00; Phyllis P Ball, $100.00; Christopher M Lacy, $500.00; Matthew K Gerwig, $200.00; Richard Stroud, $100.00; Michelle L Diller, $38.80; Nicholas W Stowe, $100.00; Kristi L Henry, $200.00; Joshua S Phillips, $134.00; Darrell A Farr, $200.00; Danny J Smith, $250.00; Jodi R Kouns, $134.00; Akiya L Ferguson, $250.00; Torrence B Jordan, $100.00; Matthew L Jones, $100.00; Richard A Lisath, $100.00; William J Locke, $1,000.00; Joshua M Abrams, $400.00; Kody V Turner, $50.00; Caden M Mault, $30.00; Ronald E Pruitt Jr., $358.00; Larry D Evans, $98.00; Ryan Fahncke, $500.00; Terrance B King Jr., 134.00; Tisha L Gibson, $30.00; Jason B Wells, $250.00; Delbert Detty, $174.00; Tammy A Stone, $195.00; Kayla D Frye, $300.00; Virginia L Taylor, $155.00; Jason A Cochran, $2,300.00; Miranda D Lute, $100.00; Cassandra J Hackworth, $100.00; Joshua Robinson, $200.00; Terry Adams, $150.00; Kimberly G Mangus, $150.00; Earl L Blevins, $150.00; Kyle M Sadler, $22.60; Andre L Murphy, $104.60; Antwan D Felder, $86.80; Michael E Miller, $300.00; Michal L Bowling, $1,500.00; Brandon L Osborne, $100.00; Bridgett Osborne, $300.00; Morgan Schug, $300.00; Glen E Adkins, $185.00; Elovina Byrd, $300.00; Wayne L Edwards, $250.00; Kayln K Parker, $760.00; Brad W Jones, $250.00; Madison McLaughlin, $300.00; Ida Arnett, $300.00; Samantha J Journey, $250.00; Ryan M Coriell, $150.00; Oakley E Aldridge, $50.00; Charles D Perkins, $200.00; Barry P Hinton II, $50.00; Tammy L Latimer, $123.00; Alberton R Vasquez, $66.20; Justin Edmisten, $40.00; Michael A Egerton, $100.00; Jacob C Schackart, $200.00; Lisa K Taylor, $10.00; Brian W Smalley, $7.30; David A Mays II, $129.00; Barbara E Crockett, $140.00; Trevor J Vaught, $170.00; Alicia M Briggs, $200.00; Kyle W Justice, $155.00; Jacob A Whitt, $200.00.

For a release of funds, mentioned individuals or depositors should contact the Portsmouth Municipal Court and request the Clerk of Court’s office, $ 740.354.3283. All recipients must present a valid picture ID.

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