Senate passes bill marking April 27th as Ulysses S. Grant Day


COLUMBUS—State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today announced the passage of Senate Bill 346 by the Ohio Senate, which designates April 27th as ‘Ulysses S. Grant Day’ in Ohio.

“General Grant’s legacy left an indelible imprint on our nation and our great state,” Johnson said. “He greatly loved his country and, most of all, the American people. I am proud to represent General Grant’s birthplace and the place of his childhood home in the 14th Senate District.”

Grant, who served as General of the Army during the Civil War and was later elected President of the United States, was born on April 27th, 1822 in Point Pleasant of Clermont County and spent most of his early life in Georgetown of Brown County. Grant was arguably the most instrumental military leader during the Civil War, leading the Union to crucial victories such as Vicksburg, and eventually the surrender of the Confederacy.

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