Lucasville native finds his community at Shawnee State University


A senior from Lucasville, Ohio, senior Jake Lynn always knew he would attend Shawnee State University. While growing up with the university essentially in his backyard, he still found himself surprised by the community he was able to gain once he became a student.

“Being here I have gotten to see a lot of the opportunities that Shawnee offers students that I really wasn’t aware of,” he said. “I’m really glad I chose to come here.”

Involved across campus, Lynn is part of the Shawnee Spirit Band, volunteers for the Women’s & Gender Equity Center, and works in the Office of Career Services helping review student resumes and assisting students in career searches. Connecting with his major in Psychology, he is the Secretary for his major’s club, helping to organize the groups lessons and activities throughout the semester.

“What I found in social sciences is a very broad career path that can give me a lot of different options,” he said, on deciding to choose Psychology for his degree.

SSU’s Psychology program offers courses in a range of disciplines including developmental, social, clinical, cognitive, and biological psychology. The course work gives students new insights into the ways that people feel, think, and behave, as well as the tools and methods to study these different processes.

“I’m a big people person,” he said. “It’s really interesting to learn about behavior, how to better communicate with people, and how to be more inclusive.”

To learn more about the Psychology program at Shawnee State University, visit

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