My name is Collin Docterman. I currently serve as Chair of the Scioto County Democratic Party. I am a hospice nurse aide and my wife and I currently foster two young children.

Since the very first time that my wife and I opened our door to a child, the vital importance of having this safety net for our county’s children has been clear. It has been a challenge that keeps us on our toes but also a true joy to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children.

Over the decades, our region has had less opportunity for meaningful employment, worse health outcomes and has fallen prey to the pharmaceutical profiteering of our pain and desperation. Many times, this cycle of despair takes away the innocence of our children. It takes away their feeling of security and often, it robs them of their idea of self-worth.

There is a component of this crisis that is rooted in poverty and food insecurity. If millions of dollars must be taken out of the commissioner budget to cover the shortfall in funding for children’s services, there will be less opportunity for economic development from that office which may further stall our county’s hope for economic recovery.

The current children’s services levy is only meant to fund the care of one hundred thirty children. Our current population is almost three times that much. The work that our county has ahead, to break the cycle of addiction and despair, will take proactive leadership, time and will require us to ensure that those that cannot look after themselves are looked after.

I hope that you will vote YES for the Children Services Levy. If you have room to spare and love to give, I also hope that you will consider becoming a foster parent.

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