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Shawnee State University (SSU) freshman Riley Galloway sees art in everything she does. She has painted murals in downtown, she’s won awards for her work, and now she wants to pass that passion along to not only the current generation, but future generations. While in school, majoring in art education and minoring in studio arts, she has formed a new club that advocates for the arts and the everyday student.

The SSU Club of Artistry has been in operation since September and is represented by Professor Matt Cram. Galloway is the founder and first president.

“I’ve always had a gigantic passion for art. Coming out of high school, I wasn’t really able to have that opportunity,” Galloway explained. “When I entered this new establishment [SSU], I saw all of these new types of creating, students with different backgrounds who want to come together, and I realized this is what the campus needs.”

Galloway says she has a rush of emotions, being a freshman club president.

“It is super exciting. It can be an overwhelming excitement, but I feel like the passion makes it worthwhile,” Galloway said. “I hope to accomplish getting more students involved, especially those who aren’t enrolled in an art classes. We want to touch everyone who attends this campus with a little bit of creativity.”

The club has been meeting on a monthly basis, working on various crafts and art projects, as a way to let off steam and get to know each other, but they’re also looking at community service projects and programming that will impact the community and campus at large.

Their first community service project was a painting job on a bench. The bench was given to First Capital Enterprises, which serves adults with developmental disabilities. While the group is very young to already have a service project under its belt, Galloway says it is part of the club’s design.

“It felt inspiring,” Galloway claimed. “For me, to personally look at it, and to say ‘I did this. I reached out and we were able to make a difference with our artwork together.”

The service project was accomplished, thanks to Grace Wilburn, Jacob Davis, Zebulon Allen, Lio Spencer, Elijah Wickerham, Chandler McClurg, Elliot Cade, and Riley Galloway.

“It will later be raffled off to raise funding for the organization that oversees benefits for those with disabilities,” Riley explained. “It took four Mondays of work, lots of paint, lots of teamwork, and lots of planning.”

The club has a member count of 20, however.

The next community service project Galloway is planning is an artistic giving box, where students can swap art with people.

“We want people to get their name out there more, get recognition, and find a place where they have purpose and can create,” Galloway said. “I hope the future of this club is to let it be known to incoming and outgoing students, that this is always going to be a place they can come to. It is a little art family, and I don’t want anyone who think they aren’t good enough to join. I want this club to have an effect on people later down the line.”

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