Halloween Giveaway ensures haunts


PORTSMOUTH – The 14th Street Community Center will be hosting a Halloween costume giveaway on October 21, from 4:30 to 8 p.m. Children and families in Portsmouth are invited to this wonderful opportunity to give back to the community. Phileo Haul Away & Demo is hosting the experience, providing most of the supplies. The group hopes that events such as these will provide lasting memories for the kids.

The 14th Street Community Center was originally constructed in the 1940’s and has served the residents of Farley Square and Portsmouth ever since, hosting an array of activities for the town’s youth community.

“Hosting these types of events are conductive to what it means for us to fulfill our purpose as a community center. We’re excited for this giveaway in particular, as we are a hub for many community events,” says Jerald Gordon, board member with the 14th Community Center. “We’re elated even more so with the type of programs and planning centered around young people. It’s very important for us to be on the frontline of connecting with the next generations.”

Jerome Brown, of Phileo Haul Away, says that the business routinely cleans up properties in Portsmouth and Columbus, and donates good condition, working housewares and furniture to those in need.

“We also know there are a lot of moms here that are in these programs and aren’t making a lot of money, so, we decided to buy a bunch of costumes and have people donate costumes and candy. On Friday we’re going to give it all away. We’ve got brand new costumes of all sizes and plenty of candy to pass out to anybody that wants to come with their kids,” said Brown.

Although this is the event’s first rendition, the group plans to turn the event annual and is hoping for a successful evening. Brown says they have plans for a similar type of event closer to Christmas. Although they have some costumes, they are seeking additional donations to ensure supply will match demand.

“If the parents can’t afford a costume, or they can’t afford candy, I just want to see the smiles on their faces when they can come get it,” Brown explains. “It’ll take a load off of the moms. If you’re behind on bills or you’re in a program or you’re not working and you can get a costume for your kid and let them enjoy Halloween it’s a win-win. We’ll also be giving candy to the parents for them to pass out”

Brown believes that by giving candy to parents to pass out, it’ll further the groups reach into the community.

“We want the kids to have a good Halloween,” said Brown. “We just want to see them smile, and we don’t want those barriers we’ve all been through before to stop the kids from enjoying themselves and having a good Halloween.”

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