Fluor-BWXT Supports Diversity Initiatives through Donation


PIKE COUNTY – Fluor-BWXT (FBP) supports diversity, equity and inclusion at the Portsmouth site. Recently, FBP’s President and CEO Greg Wilkett, presented $20,000 to the FBP Diversity Council.

“The Diversity Council works to promote workforce strategies to understand and overcome barriers, as well as provide educational opportunities that go beyond awareness,” said Wilkett. “The employee-led council has grown representation and impact on the site and this donation will help develop new educational opportunities and support for diversity initiatives.”

“We are very excited for this opportunity to grow our presence and make a difference for diversity on site,” said Diversity Council Co-Chair Jean-Paul White.” We look forward to supporting new events and finding learning opportunities to better lead the way in making a difference for diversity and inclusion for everyone.”

The FBP Diversity Council was first established in 2017 and is made up of 20 employees representing different races, genders, ages, religions and sexual orientation.

For more information about Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, please visit www.fbportsmouth.com.

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