Life is a journey


We’ve all heard it said that life is a journey. And it’s true. But sometimes life’s challenges can cause you to lose hope and even to despair. In the book of Luke there were two men whose life challenges had caused them to lose hope. These men were Christ followers, but when Jesus died on the cross, they were stunned. And as they walked to Emmaus, their conversation revealed the depth of their pain. So, what was the matter? Their experience did not match their expectation. Their journey with Jesus had come to a sudden end. They expected more from Jesus… and hoped for something more from God.

How could they or we expect something more from Jesus or hope for something more from God? Here is the One who gave us life who has fed us from the bounty that He provided in His creation and yet who are we to expect more? We as Christians need to put on our big boy big girl pants and praise Him for all He has provided us. This is not a time to whine, instead it is a time for us to shine! If He is the light of this world and He is, it is time for us to shine!

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