Scioto Gives back


PORTSMOUTH — Scioto Gives is an annual charity event run by the Scioto Foundation. They have been providing aid to local 501(C)3 nonprofits (NPOs) throughout the area. Thursday, October 20th from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. marks year 10 of this marathon of charity donations. For every dollar donated to a non-profit, the Scioto Foundation will match a given percentage. Last year, Scioto Gives matched 43 cents for every dollar received. This year brings not only more NPOs, but more funds to be matched by the Scioto Foundation.

This year, 46 local establishments will be attending Scioto Gives. This breaks the previous year’s number of 40. With an increase of nonprofits taking part, the Scioto Foundation raised their matching amount from $50,00 to $55,000 to accommodate the year’s influx of NPOs.

Donations come from members of the community, as well as local businesses. If one wishes to donate to an institution of their choice, they may bring a check to 303 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth. Alternatively, one may visit to provide aid via credit or debit card. A search page is provided for ease of access, as well as explaining additional details regarding the organizations participating.

Between now and the 20th, The Portsmouth Daily Times will run articles showcasing the local nonprofit organizations that are accepting donations, as well as a summary of information about them. The newest NPOs to join Scioto Gives are as follows.

Candyland Children’s Museum

CCM is a local establishment that hosts a variety of options for children to expand their minds through learning. CCM has been serving Portsmouths population of young children since late 2021. The three story building houses countless learning stations, as well as a sensory area for children diagnosed with autism. This is the Museum’s first year participating in Scioto Gives, and they are looking forward to any donations sent.

Friends of Portsmouth Skate Park Project

Portsmouth Weghorst Skate Park joins Scioto Gives in 2022. The Skate Park hosted a grand opening on April 9th of this year. The Skate Park aims to keep both kids and adults active through skateboarding, scootering, and even bicycles. Citizens can often be observed at the park, socializing and skating. The money earned will go to an endowment fund for park maintenance and further improvements.

Friends of Spartan Stadium

Friends of Spartan Stadium’s mission is to preserve the stadium and the area surrounding it. Spartan Municipal Stadium, once known as Universal Stadium has been a Portsmouth landmark for nearly 100 years, and it still serves the community to this day. The endowment they earn will go to upkeep and maintenance as well as light repairs of the property that is owned by the city of Portsmouth. The stadium served as the home of the NFL’s Portsmouth Spartans in the 30’s. Both Portsmouth and Notre Dame high schools have had students play here in the past. The stadium has historically entertained up to 8,200 guests at once.

Market Square Park

Market Square Park is a project taking place at the corner of market and 2nd. The goal is to establish another public space for citizens to enjoy. The multi use park has plans of creating an open space for all. Fountains, parking for food trucks, a stage, and a green area for events and farmers markets are all ideas that are in the works. The park’s proximity to local businesses provides excellent opportunities for all members of portsmouth. Any funds donated will aid the furthering of this project in downtown.

Southern Ohio Folklife

Southern Ohio Folklife is another new addition to the charity event. The group aims to document Appalachia and the ways of life in areas such as Scioto county and the surrounding areas. This area is rich in history and heritage, and the NPO captures the traditions, customs, and stories that have been passed down through generations by word of mouth in rural America. The group has been working tirelessly with local Appalachian and Latin peoples to further understand this area’s history and preserve it. The endowment will fund their mission to embrace, research and document the folklife and lore of 12 counties in southern Ohio.

West Portsmouth Youth Sports Complex

‘The Complex’, as it is commonly referred to by locals, has been a longtime host of an array of sporting events for West Portsmouths youth community. Their mission is to provide a safe environment for younger individuals to participate in sports. While mainly focusing on basketball, the facility also offers football and indoor soccer to the public. The idea in starting the Complex was to provide sporting opportunities yearlong. The endowment received will go towards scholarships for local kids. The group hopes to continue to repair and develop the property as time goes on.

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