Shawnee State junior pursues her passion in technology


A native of Bainbridge, Ohio, junior Chloe Legg first found Shawnee State University as a participant in the College Credit Plus (CCP) program in high school. Visiting campus and the fact her sister also attended and graduated from the university made it easy for her to decide to attend.

“I always knew I wanted to go SSU, the campus is beautiful and the people are great,” she said. “Visiting the campus from time to time made me able to see myself as an actual student here.”

When it came to choosing her major, Legg was not sure at first what she wanted to do. Relying on her love of technology, she tried out different courses before deciding to choose Information Systems Management.

“I grew up playing video games and obsessing over the new Apple products that were released, so I have always had some curiosity about technology and wanting to learn more about it,” she said. “At Shawnee, they had plenty of opportunities. With the help of some great advisors, I ended up in Information Systems Management.”

Having the opportunity to connect with her classmates and share her love of technology with them and her faculty members is one of Legg’s favorite parts of the program. Knowing the field has a high job security, she is excited to see the different directions she can take her degree throughout her career.

“I came in to this program not knowing much about computers in general, let along how to create a whole website, take apart a computer and rebuild it, and how to program,” she said. “So far, I have been able to do all of those things with the help of my professors and fellow students. If I could give anyone considering this major advice, it would be to not be afraid to ask questions.”

SSU’s Information Systems Management program provides students with a solid core of business knowledge with technology skills in the areas they wish to pursue. The degree can be completed as a stand-along degree or as a 2+2 program with the Associate of Applied Business degree with a concentration in Information Technology Management. Graduates find work as web developers, network technicians, operators, computer programmers, or microcomputer specialists and the background in business offered in the degree allows students the opportunity to pursue both technical and managerial careers in organizations.

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